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Research and Development department


Research and Development department of Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) has been set up in order to promote research and development activities among among faculty and students. The Research and Development department is the main administrative body for advancing research and development at AzTU.

Department encourages the faculty and students to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas including multidisciplinary fields.  At the same time, department assist staff and students in enhancing the general research capabilities by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competition, etc. 

Objectives of department:

· To increase awareness regarding research and development among the faculty and student;

· To create and develop Research and Development atmosphere in all departments;

· To motivate academic staff for Research and Development activities in the area of their specialization;

· To encourage academic staff members and student to publish articles and papers in international indexed journals;

· To encourage academic staff and students to publish papers in in National and International Conferences;

· To assist staff and students to develop projects in the scope of national international funds;

· To coordinate workshops, seminars and other staff development activities on research relate issue.

Research opportunities

At Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU), we prioritize the utilization of international scientometric databases to enrich research endeavors and foster collaboration on a global scale. Our institution grants access to a diverse array of leading databases, including Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed, IEEE Xplore, and Google Scholar. These platforms serve as invaluable resources, enabling researchers, faculty, and students to explore a vast collection of scholarly literature spanning various disciplines.

Through these databases, users can discover pertinent research, analyze citation patterns, and evaluate the impact of their scholarly contributions. Additionally, international databases facilitate networking opportunities, allowing researchers to connect with peers worldwide and identify potential collaborators for interdisciplinary projects.

AzTU emphasizes the importance of benchmarking and performance evaluation by utilizing scientometric indicators such as citation counts and journal impact factors. This data-driven approach enables us to assess our research performance, identify areas of strength, and strategize for future growth.

To support users in navigating these databases effectively, AzTU offers comprehensive training and support services, including workshops, seminars, and online resources. These initiatives aim to empower researchers, faculty, and students with the necessary skills and knowledge to maximize the benefits of international scientometric databases.

By leveraging these resources, AzTU strengthens its research capabilities, enhances collaboration opportunities, and solidifies its position as a leading academic institution in Azerbaijan and beyond. We encourage our academic community to explore and harness the potential of international scientometric databases to drive impactful research and innovation.