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Priority areas

Azerbaijan Technical University operates in 5 main priority areas. Scientific cooperation is carried out in priority areas, scientific conferences are organized. 

Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity:

Our researchers focus on cutting-edge developments in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity to address contemporary challenges. Projects include machine learning algorithms for data analysis, AI-driven cybersecurity solutions, and privacy-preserving techniques. We strengthen scientific cooperation with industry partners to apply research findings in real-world applications and enhance data security and decision-making processes.

The university hosts scientific conferences and seminars in this field, which are important for exchanging ideas and showcasing advancements for scholars and practitioners. 

Energy, Transportation, and Environmental Technologies:

Research in this area aims to develop innovative solutions for sustainable energy production, efficient transportation systems, and environmental conservation. Projects encompass renewable energy technologies, smart transportation systems, and environmental monitoring tools. Collaboration with industry partners allows research results to be translated into practical solutions, driving advancements in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Scientific conferences and symposiums organized in this direction discuss emerging trends and share best practices in energy, transportation, and environmental technologies. 

Robotics and Industrial Internet of Things:

Our researchers explore the intersection of robotics and industrial internet of things to revolutionize industrial processes, enhance automation, and improve productivity. Projects include autonomous robots, sensor networks, and industrial internet of things -enabled manufacturing systems. Collaborative initiatives with industry stakeholders facilitate technology transfer and adoption, fostering innovation in robotics and industrial internet of things applications.

Scientific conferences and seminars provide a platform for researchers to present advancements in robotics, industrial internet of things, and related fields, facilitating knowledge exchange and networking. 

Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology:

Research endeavors in advanced materials and nanotechnology focus on developing novel materials with enhanced properties and exploring nanoscale phenomena. Projects include nanomaterial synthesis, characterization techniques, and applications in electronics, healthcare, and renewable energy. Strategic partnerships with industry and research institutions support technology development and commercialization efforts, driving innovation in materials science and nanotechnology.

Scientific conferences and symposia offer opportunities for researchers to showcase breakthroughs, discuss challenges, and explore collaborative ventures in advanced materials and nanotechnology. 

Sustainable Development and Mobility:

Research initiatives in sustainable development and mobility aim to address societal needs while minimizing environmental impact. Projects encompass urban planning, sustainable infrastructure, alternative transportation solutions, and smart city technologies. Collaboration with industry, government agencies, and non-profit organizations enables the implementation of sustainable practices and policies, fostering economic growth and environmental stewardship. The university hosts interdisciplinary conferences and forums, bringing together experts from various disciplines to explore innovative strategies for sustainable development and mobility.