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Student Scientific Society

The Student Scientific Society (TEC) is a voluntary public organization comprising bachelor's and master's level students, as well as those in medical education at higher medical educational institutions and residency programs. TEC members actively engage in scientific research and organizational activities.

Main Responsibilities:

- Fostering various forms of scientific creativity among students, integrating science, education, and experience to enhance young people's interest and engagement in fundamental research.

- Motivating students to engage in research activities and develop a deep and creative understanding of educational materials.

- Cultivating a creative mindset towards students' chosen professions through research activities.

- Teaching students independent methods and means of solving scientific, technical, and economic issues.

- Actively involving talented young individuals in scientific research and organizational activities, fostering mastery of high technologies.

- Identifying promising young talent for training in scientific and scientific-educational personnel systems and preparing them for research endeavors.

- Establishing collaboration with Student Scientific Societies (TECs) of other institutions, utilizing progressive forms and methods to organize student scientific research (referred to as TETI).

- Organizing various events such as scientific seminars, conferences, review competitions for student scientific works, courses, dissertations, Olympiads, discussion clubs, symposia, and lectures by renowned scientists, ensuring students' active participation in organizing and hosting these events.

- Preparing students' scientific research works for publication.

- Facilitating students' involvement in innovation activities to cultivate innovative business and entrepreneurial skills.

- Engaging students' scientific centers, technoparks, idea incubators, etc., in collaborative projects with enterprises (including paid opportunities).

- Collecting and disseminating information about scientific events within and beyond the university, and organizing their publication on the university's website.