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Scientific journals

1. Azerbaijan Technical University operates 3 scientific journals. These journals are published at least once a year. The journals are:

1.1. Machine Science

International scientific and technical journal “MACHINE SCIENCE” (ISSN: 2227-6912; E-ISSN: 2790-0479) has been published since 2001. During the period 2001-2011, the journal was published under the name “Mechanics - Mechanical Engineering”. It was renamed “MACHINE SCIENCE” by the order № 1861, dated November 25, 2011 (registration №3521). Two editions (at least one) of the journal are published during the year. The scientific and technical journal is included in the list of periodical scientific publications of the High Attestation Commission (HAC) in which publishes the results of the original researches of applicants seeking an academic degree. The journal has been included in the international citation and indexing system INSPEC since 2011. The research areas of the journal include the theory of mechanisms and machines, the theory of friction and wear problems of parts, the study of the properties of materials used in mechanical engineering: resistance of materials, the theory of elasticity, the theory of plasticity; issues of reliability and quality of machines, issues of increasing the energy efficiency and productivity of machines, problems of automatic control, Energy and Environment.

The authors are cordially invited to submit articles in the quarterly journal “MACHINE SCIENCE” on the following topics: Materials Science; mechanical; Machine design; Mechanical engineering technology; Economics and management (mechanical engineering); Automation and ICT, Energy and Environment.

International scientific and technical journal “MACHINE SCIENCE” is published by Azerbaijan Technical University and the publication is free of charge for authors. The original research papers and reviews are accepted for publication. All the manuscripts are peer-reviewed for scientific quality and acceptance.

1.2. Energy Sustainability: Risks and Decision Making

Energy Sustainability: Risks and Decision Making is an interdisciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal ISSN 3006-8487 dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of research on sustainable development issues. The journal is a platform for researchers. In addition, the journal plays an important role for faculty, researchers, policy makers and other relevant parties to share their views, experiences and perspectives on critical topics related to energy sustainability. With a commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration, "Energy Sustainability: Risks and Decision Making" provides a valuable forum for discussion and innovative solutions, problem solving and shaping the future of sustainable development. 

1.3. "Proceedings"

The scientific-technical journal "Proceedings" of Azerbaijan Technical University has been published since 1992. The journal is registered with the international registration center for scientific publications and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Additionally, the journal is included in the list of periodical scientific publications where the works of scientific degree applicants approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Higher Attestation Commission are compiled.

The editorial board of the "Scientific Works" journal includes around 30 members from countries such as Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and Italy, in addition to our country. They currently work in leading universities worldwide. The chief editor of the journal is Prof. Vilayat Valiyev.

The journal publishes articles and brief information in the fields of physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechanics, automation, informatics, telecommunications, masonry, electrotechnology, metallurgy, masonry, energy, economics, transportation, and ecology.

Continuous improvement and updating work are carried out on the journal, with two issues published annually. It is provided with an International Standard Serial Number (p-ISSN: 1815-1779) and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI: 10.61413/XTJT2525). In addition, a new internet portal has been launched."