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Erasmus Mobility Program

What is Erasmus?

Erasmus is a European Union (EU) program supporting education, training, youth and sport. The EU-funded Erasmus program supports the implementation of student and teacher exchanges. The name of the program is taken from the Dutch thinker Desiderius Erasmus, one of the forerunners of the Renaissance humanism movement, who lived in the 15th century.

The purpose of Erasmus:

-       To expand the cooperation with foreign universities

-       To provide study/traineeship opportunities abroad for students

-       To provide teaching/training opportunities abroad for teachers

The benefits of Erasmus:

- To meet new people and cultures

- To improve foreign language skills (such as offering a local language course at a foreign university in addition to the use of English)

- To experience living and making decisions freely outside the country

Exchange period:

Study exchange for students: 3-12 months

Traineeship exchange for students: 12 months

Academic/administrative staff exchange: 1 week

Requirements for exchange:


- To have completed the first semester of the educational level

- Minimum 75 points GPA for bachelor, minimum 85 points GPA for master students

- Language knowledge should be minimum B2 (certificate is preferred)

Academic/ administrative staff:

- Full-time academic/administrative staff (if they are not available or not eligible, the application of part-time and adjunct lecturer will be considered)

- CV indicating the period of work experience at AzTU (those with more than 5 years of experience are preferred)

- Language knowledge should be minimum B2 (certificate is preferred)

Travel expenses:

During the exchange period, students are exempted from tuition fees at the host university. The expenses of students and teachers participating in the program are covered by the European Union in the form of scholarships and travel expenses, respectively. Fees include:

- Travel cost (calculated by distance)

- Monthly scholarship for the student (including accommodation and daily expenses)

- Daily travel expenses for teachers (including accommodation and daily expenses)

For more information:

You can apply to the International Relations Office.

Main building, 3rd floor, room 325


Phone: +994 12 539 13 48