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Azerbaijan Technical University Faculty

The development of the education system to the European standards have always played an important role in changing of the quality of the international relations of Azerbaijan Technical University.
After gaining the independence of the Azerbaijan Republic, Azerbaijan Technical University established direct contacts with the world's most leading country universities such as U.S.A, Germany, France, Spain, Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and also more than 100 mutual agreements have been signed on teacher-student relationship.
Azerbaijan Technical University participated on several international educational programs, projects related to education, science and also has close cooperation with the European Council. Our university was the winner of several projects under Tempus program and has mutual coorperation with German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU), the European Union's TACIS / TRACECA. In the last decade, 4 project was implemented with the Universities of Applied Sciences in Cologne and the Netherlands, (Heerlen).
In 2000-2013 academic year, the university collaborators carried out more than 12 various projects, related to education and science.
Azerbaijan Technical University began using the modern methods of an international education system at the study by joining innovation. At present, the work experience of the universities of the world's most leading countries in the study apply in education system of AzTU. On the basis of a contract with the company “Machine-building AG” (Switzerland) a special processing center, laboratory and “Telecommunication Training Centre” have created at the department of "Technological complexes and special technique".
In 2000-2013 academic year, more than 14 scientific laboratories and technology centers within the framework of international cooperation were established.
Nowadays, professor-teacher staff are participating in various international scientific conferences and sympoziums. A several of international scientific conferences with participation of the prestigious university's leading scientists are held on recent years.
At the same time education of the foreign citizens’s were arranged at the Azerbaijan Technical University. More than 2100 foreign students (graduators) graduated from Azerbaijan Technical University.
Currently, the total number of foreign students who are studying at the BA, MA and PhD fields are 400.
They are mainly from Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Russia, Iran, Egypt and Yemen. A various excursions are organized for foreign students in order to learn more about the culture and history of Azerbaijan Republic. The participation of foreign students at the university events are provided which are related to national holidays of our country, so it allows for a wide dissemination of the Azerbaijan culture.