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Study of foreign citizens in Azerbaijan Republic, is regulated by “Regulations about study of foreign citizens in Azerbaijan universities and sending of the citizens of Azerbaijan Republic to study in abroad” approved by Decision No. 56 dated 06.01.2001 of Cabinet of Minsters.

According to the same Regulations, although foreign citizens visiting to study at Azerbaijan universities, don’t know teaching language, but they began main education after elevant language training. Just, by purpose to implement relevant language training of foreign citizens in Azerbaijan universities, training faculties, the departments and the centers are functioning in 17 universities.

Foreigners whose education document, are appropriate to level of relevant education programs adopted in Azerbaijan Republic, are admited in training courses by purpose to improve language knowledges. At he end of training period, the listeners pass final examinaitons and the foreigners who passed examinations successfully, are given state certificates about education in a single form. After obtaining these certificates, the foreigners can study on main education levels in the universities.

Foreigners and the persons who haven’t citizenship whose education level is appropriate to bachelor degree taking into account the requirements of existing rules, are admited in the second (master) degree of university. Foreigners who graduated from bachelor degree of the universities beyond of Azerbaijan and the persons who haven’t citizenship can be admited in master degree passing examination under language training by externat method after language teaching or in the case if they know teaching language in advance. Foreign citizen who wants to be admited in master degree, should notify his bachelor diploma under existing legislation.

Only a small portion of the foreigners study due to state account under relevant intergovernmental agreement, but most of them under paid principles under agreement signed by the universities. Together with the citizens of regional countries that are neighbor to Azerbaijan, there are the citizens of European countries, USA, Japan, China, India, Argentine and several arabic countries among foreign students. Foreign citizens studying at Azerbaijan, prefer the specialties like medical, economy, humanitarian and technical.

Foreigners visiting in Azerbaijan to study at the same time, should observe residence rules in the country together with study. Foreigners, should be acquianted with the rules of entrance in country’ territory of State Migration Service before entering in the country in order not to violate existing rules on temporary residence and to be registered in country’ territory.

Today, education of foreign students in Azerbaijan, became one of prior directions of internationa relations of The Ministry of Education. According to international practice regarding with involvement of foreign citizens in education, there is enough serious competition. Universities of each country are interested in involvement of more foreign students.

“State Strategy on development of education in Azerbaijan Republic” approved by Order dated October 24, 2013 of The President of Azerbaijan Republic, implies development of admission and placement mechanisms in higher and secondary education establishments. Also, liberalization which is core principles of state policy in Law “About education” approved by Decree No. 156 dated September 5, 2009 of The President of Azerbaijan, determines equality and integration. Basing on mentioned points, works performed on the direction of creation of more efficient mechanism and eliminiation of the gaps on the sphere of foreign citizens’ education.