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Presentation of chair

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Higher mathematics chair is one of the first chairs created at the Azerbaijan Technical University (in the past, the Azerbaijan Polytechnical Institute). Professor R.M.Sultanov was the first head of chair.

In 1951-1962 chair was headed by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Halil Gadzhi ogly Bagirov. During the management of chair he paid much attention to the improvement of teaching of mathematics and carried out number of significant works in this direction.

Later in 1962-1969 the experienced teacher having big merits in the organization of pedagogical education, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Takhir Hasan ogly Abdullayev became the head of the department "Higher mathematics". During this period the scientific and pedagogical capacity of chair was sufficiently improved.

At different times academicians of NANA I.I.Ibragimov, F.G.Maksudov taught at chair.

In 1971-1976 chair was headed by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Abusalat Agahuseyn oglyHamidov.

Since 1977 until the end of life Higher mathematics chair was directed (is later than "Mathematician-1") by the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Ali Aziz ogly Novruzov. He was a scientist known in the USSR and abroad in the field of the qualitative theory of the differential equations. A.A.Novruzov prepared more than 25 candidates of science and of them later four which became doctors of science.

Professor A.A.Novruzov was the member of mathematical societies of the USA and Germany, the New York academy and, since 1977 till the end of his life, the chairman of Society of Mathematicians of Azerbaijan.

The chair organized mathematics teaching at high level, and for the purpose sharing experiences with other highest technical educational institutions of the USSR, in 1978 the first scientific and methodical conference in USSR devoted to a technique of teaching of mathematics at technical institutes was held at the Azerbaijani Polytechnical Institute.

In 1976 at the initiative of professor Kerim Abdulkhalyg оглы Kerimova in AZPI was created "Applied and Calculus Mathematics" chair. The following year this chair was called "Applied mathematics", and then "Mathematics-2".

Beginning the activity with a few teachers the chair turned into the chair with high scientific and pedagogical potential and strong laboratory base.

Under the leadership of professor K.A.Kerimov who worked until the end of his life as the head of the department, more than 10 employees managed to the mecome master's dissertation. The majority of them were graduate students and authors of dissertation of the chair.

Some set of methodical grants was published for improvent of teaching level by the staff of chair.

Along with teaching scientific activity of chair was at high level. Under the leadership of professor K.A.Kerimov research works were carried outtoo in the field of mechanics of deformable firm ph. The results of these works were published both in republic, and in Moscow, Novosibirsk and other editions. Professor K.A.Kerimov represented republican mathematicians at the international conferences and symposiums in Canada, Poland, the USA, Romania and other countries.

The research laboratory was created under the leadership of the member of the New York academy professor I.G.Novruzbayov. On the same time Altair scientific center and design office after the name of S.P.Korolev were created here.

From 1990 to 2000 the chair was directed by the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Akbar Bayram ogly Aliyev. During this period research works were added in the direction of the mixed tasks for the linear and nonlinear equations in functional spaces.

In 2001 of Mathematics-1 chair and "Mathematics-2 "were integrated and received the name Mathematics chair and of the head of the department became the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Anar Nadir ogly Alizadeh. Known for the research works in a scope of the variation principles in mechanics of deformable firm bodies, the professor to A.N.Alizada in 2007 was elected the corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. He was the academician of the International Engineering Academy, the member of the German Society of Mathematics and Mechanics.

Now the is directed by chair Doctor of Engineering, professor Mahomed Agamirza ogly Dunyamalyev. Now number of scientifics a pedagogical staff of chair is 43. Two of them are doctors of science, professor, 30 candidates of science, associate professors. The structure activity at chair educational and auxiliary. "Mathematical Modelling of Non-stationary Processes" and "Dynamics and Durability of Cars" laboratories are operating here too.

Staff of chair conducts long or short-term pedagogical activity abroad.